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A/W 2017 Collection is all about Wool and Lazy Winter Days.

While the summer season in Ireland is certainly not something to be envious of, we have had our fair share of warm, but rainy weather, prompting the many…many off-the-shoulder styles to be paired with the glorious trench coat. Favourites gracing the catwalks, and indeed our own Irish City’s also included botanical prints, sculptured shirts and deconstructed denim, all of which were made with lovely hues of baby blues, whites and peach gracing the cat walk. The winter nip is already setting into our living-rooms, encouraging people everywhere to get the wool blankets and ponchos out of the hot-press or out from the back of the wardrobe for, what will soon be, daily use. While we all want to look fashionable, sometimes actually putting on those tight jeans and structured tops in the dark winter mornings seems a bit of a nightmare (especially after drinking that hot-chocolate with a chocolate bar before dinner the night before). A/W 2017 however has heard and understood our fears, reflecting an unstructured and oversized look in designer’s across the board. This year’s catwalk includes Over-sized wool turtle necks from Prada, Unstructured wool coats from Ballenciaga, Alexander Wang, Bottega and Prada. This year’s catwalk is full of wool and knits (as is to be expected) lined with over sized wool turtle-necks paired with unstructured wool coats (the dream) and Balloon sleeves as seen from Prada and Chloé. Over sized wool suit jackets with baggy trousers make an appearance from Stella McCartney, and knitted jumpers and skirts worn under large wool ponchos, as seen from ballenciaga and Bottega Venetta are also a big fashion trend. Blue has remained a dominant colour for A/W 2017, along with light grey, seemingly taking inspiration from the cold winter bite and grey skies – this sets off the tone of the A/W ’17 beautifully. If you want to make a fashion statement, adding a pop of colour to set off the greys and blues really make a difference. Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Chloé and lemaire have all added a splash of colour to their outfits, such as yellow, red, rust orange and blue. While most have done this through accessories or a small patter on their clothes, Gucci have, of course, made these colours the main event, bringing in the greys and blues in accessories such as socks or earrings. If you’re feeling brave then go for it! Most of us however, I reckon, will be sticking to the greys and blues. These colours also work beautifully with our dark Irish hair and fair skin tones – a win win! So get stocking up on your knits and sweaters! Get your winter wardrobe out of the attic, and get buying winter shawl, ponchos and capes, because they are back with a bang! But most of all, don’t worry about any bloat or winter weight, this season is all about thick over sized material and heavenly comfort! Thank you fashion Gods!
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